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WordPress: Adding Images


This article will show you how to add images to your WordPress posts or pages using Block Editor and in Media Library. Before you start, please log in to your WordPress account. Please see, How To Login To WordPress Sites - WP Admin Access to learn more.

Adding an Image on the Post or Page

  1. You can add images to any of your posts or pages on your WordPress site. To start, go to the page or post where you would like to insert a picture.
  2. Place your cursor where you would like the image to go, and then click the + icon.
  3. Under Blocks selection, scroll down to Media, then select Image.
  4. There are a few different ways that you can add an image. You can use an image that you have already uploaded to your media library, or you can upload a new image from your computer. You can also link an image using a URL.
  5. Once you have chosen your image, you can enter the attachment details if you want to add a caption.
  6. You can also customize your display settings. This includes the alignment and size of the image.

    Here's a quick demonstration below for adding an image to a sample page.

Uploading an Image on Media Library

  1. To begin, click Media on the left-hand navigation menu bar in your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Select Add New.
  3. Once you click Add New button, it will allow you to drag and drop the files to upload or click on Select Files.

    Note: Maximum upload of single file size is 512 MB.

  4. After uploading the files, click on Library to view the uploaded images.

Pro Tip! For WordPress Images troubleshooting, please see this article, Troubleshooting: Images not Displaying on Website.

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