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Our Certified WordPress Themes

What makes a theme Bluehost-Certified?


There are many WordPress themes available in the Bluehost Marketplace. One way to narrow down your search is to use the Bluehost-Certified filter. This filter works across all categories and will show you themes that Bluehost has vetted based on the following guidelines:


How-to access Bluehost-Certified Filter

Before you get started, make sure to log in first to your Bluehost control panel.

  1. Click Marketplace from the Left side navigation menu.
  2. Under Featured Products, click Themes.
  3. Then from the right corner of this section, select View All.
  4. On Website Themes, select Bluehost Certified under Filter Tile.

Design quality and theme functionality

  • Theme’s overall design quality will be reviewed by the Bluehost Marketplace Team and may be a factor in determining eligibility (e.g., overall style, typography, design, colors, visual hierarchy, etc.)
  • Item demo content must appear to be displayed correctly with no apparent visual problems.
  • All expected components (title, body, comments, comment form, post meta, etc.) must be rendered correctly.
  • Page navigation for demo content should be free of broken links.
  • Must have a responsive layout (mobile-friendly).
  • Must be compatible across all browsers.

    Note: We generally require support for the two latest major versions of the primary browsers, such as Chrome and Safari.

Quick and easy theme installation

  • The theme includes downloadable demo content layouts that simplify site design and setup.
  • Upon installation, theme demo files and content should display actual images or placeholders for all demos in order to accurately demonstrate any content presented in the demo link(s).

    Note: Demo content (images, site copy, etc.) is intended to be used for demonstration purposes of theme layouts or components and not for publishing or to replace actual site owner content.

  • Demo installation should be simple. One-click demos are highly preferred and recommended, though not required.
  • Should include well-documented theme and demo installation instructions.

Responsive Support

  • Support must respond within 24-48 hours Monday-Friday. Please be aware that holidays may impact response times.

Accurate, appropriate, and complete item descriptions

  • Description of demo layouts must be included with the theme.
  • Disclosure of image licensing.
  • Suggested plugins should be listed in the item description.
  • Appropriate disclosure of key theme features.
  • Free of grammatical errors or confusing language.

Regular version updates

  • Updates adhere to industry standards/best practices.
  • Theme files must be compatible with the two most recent major versions of WordPress and PHP.
  • The child theme is included/supported with theme purchase.
  • The theme is compatible with the Gutenberg editor.
  • Plugins suggested by a theme need to be up-to-date.
  • Bluehost reserves the right to assess a theme’s overall site performance (e.g., page load and speed index) as a factor in determining eligibility.